Collection: Membership

There are 3 Ways to Join the Team: Choose Your Plan

Basic Membership -- Join the sessions without a training plan. Starting at $50 monthly.

Performance Team -- Train with a plan for best results. Starting at $199 monthly.

Affiliate Membership -- Support from afar -- No in-person Sessions. Starting at $99 Annually.

TeamWRK is a performance based road running team supported by Coaches Joe Shayne and Coach Jenn Blalock. Our coaches and team members are dedicated to helping you reach your goal. No matter where you see yourself fitting in, you will receive the full support of the team and its membership as we are all consumed with the idea to see you win! Whether your goal is to run your first 5K, Boston Qualify, run that elusive sub 2 Half Marathon or sub 4, 5 or 6 hour marathon, or shed that pesky body fat, our coaches and team members are dedicated to providing you unyielding support to encourage you to tap into your inner running champion.