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"I don't deal in hypotheticals, the world is vexing enough." (True Grit)

If I sat and thought of the reasons why I, Shola Akintobi, should not attempt long distance running, I suspect I'd still be sitting. For the list and rationale would be a sordid lengthy tale that started with my then weight to having too many responsibilities and ended with me passing clean out steps after running only 10 miles (and waking up to four men and a defibrillator on standby).

I suppose that if I harkened my ear to those who had well-intentioned advice for an easier route with the same finish line, I'd too be called level-headed and wise.

But I don't deal in "hypotheticals." I found a lot, who've chosen to carve out the what will be from the what could be.

I'm eternally grateful and owe the feasibility of this small but grand feat to Coach Shayne and Jennifer for leading an amazing team of amazing people. #teamwrk Stacey Rudy Alexandra et. al

More than once the team has picked me up and shielded me from defeat, encouraged me when I needed it most and provided examples free of excuses.

Today, I add another medal to the hook but this one shines brightest.

13.1 uphill through mud, rain and an angry wind. Well I really only did 12 miles. As I hobbled around the bend I saw 4 smiling faces who carried me the rest of the way. And that's what happens when you show some TRUE GRIT.

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My first day joining TeamWRK where I probably told everyone more times than they cared to hear that I. HATE. RUNNING... Flash forward some months to the picture on the right of me rocking my first half marathon. The road in between the two pictures was riddled with curse words, aching body parts, and a few 'I don't think I can do this' moments. Lucky for me, I had the support of?Joe, Jen, Tom and?@teamWRK
They stuck by my side on days that I struggled, pushed me for that one more mile (even when I gave the mean side eye ? LOL), gave me tools for success, celebrated my wins, and never stopped encouraging me along the way. This is what team looks like!

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