About Us

About TeamWRK

TeamWRK, also known as We Run Kings is a Black-Owned & Operated running organization that was founded in Kings County, also known as Brooklyn, NY on January 2016 to support less than a dozen non-runners to prepare them to participate in the 2016 Brooklyn Half Marathon and has evolved into a training team and running organization that has served over 500 member athletes and counting. Led by married couple Coach Joe Shayne & Coach Jenn Shayne, TeamWRK has provided essential tools and training techniques to encourage non-runners, and athletes alike, to conquer long distance running race events from the 1 mile to the marathon distance. TeamWRK’s membership operates under the mottos “Train Hard & Love It” in order to “Plan A, Crush Everything” as a moving metaphor for our running goals AND our life’s goals as family units, as professionals, and whatever it is to be accomplished with a given task: It could be “I want to run a PR (personal record),” “I want to break a 2-hour Half Marathon.” “I want to run the whole race without stopping.” “I want to complete my workout injury free.” “I want to experience lots of joy out on the race course.” Whatever Plan A means to you, that’s certainly a plan we can rally behind and support.