Collection: PYNRS x teamWRK


It just makes sense!

Over the years of cultivating a diverse running community, we have continually found that running apparel isn’t designed for the people we look to serve - it isn’t designed for our bodies.

PYNRS created a brand and an apparel line with a focus on serving diverse people, with diverse body types from diverse communities.⁠

TeamWRK has committed itself to serving and challenging runners of diverse backgrounds to train hard and channel their inner champion, elevating the training experience. 

PYNRS (pi·o·neer·s) champions community, culture, and diversity through technical running apparel using streetwear design concepts and high-performance fabrics made from recycled materials.

TeamWRK is all about connection and collaboration. We encourage building our athletes empowering them with tools and techniques to take their running to the next level.

PYNRS is all about connection. Born out of community, the brand draws inspiration from what brings us together. Performance streetwear is the embodiment of that notion.

It meets people at the intersection of sport and street, fashion and function, strides and vibes.

TeamWRK met PYNRS in the Spring of 2022 and was instantly drawn to its ingenuity and commitment to the people of diverse backgrounds. 

PYNRS designs for runners, which means we design for everyone. We know that runners come in all shapes and sizes. So our quality has to be unmatched to truly celebrateeveryBODY.

It only makes sense that these two powerhouses come together and offer a special collection that merges the collectives. 

PYNRS uses recycled materials that blend together to create buttery soft garments. Style dictates structure and culture drives the concept. Feeling good means looking good means feeling good.